Child Stomatology

For our favourite little patients we have at our disposal a special office with the fairy-tale world of Winnie the Pooh, who aids us in restoring the children’s dental health. Regarding prophylactic treatment we have prepared professionals to teach children how to brush their teeth and who carry out sealing of teeth (coating children’s teeth with special material that protects them from developing caries). Each child leaves with a present.

Besides the standard manipulations in child dental medicine, we also take care of children’s oral hygiene and the prophylaxis of their dental health.

We carry out sealing of newly erupted permanent teeth to protect them from caries.

  • How do sealants protect your children’s teeth?
  • In October and November 2012 we apply sealants to children aged 6-8 within the National Programme for Prophylaxis of Oral Conditions in children aged 0-18 throughout Bulgaria. It is FREE for parents throughout the country.


Our clinic is a partner of Biohellenica in obtaining and preserving stem cells from milk teeth.

biohelenika-partnersBiohellenica gives a second chance to children who haven’t had stem cells preserved at birth to receive a precious gift contained in the milk tooth.

The pulp of the milk tooth is a biological source of the priceless stem cells. The procedure of their extraction is fast and painless, carried out at the age of 5 to 13 years of age when a milk tooth is taken out. The most suitable teeth are those which are slightly shaking with a preserved root. Stem cells can also be extracted from the permanent teeth when a wisdom tooth is taken out.

Isolated stem cells can be preserved for 20 years in liquid nitrogen at -196?C where they preserve their vitality. They can reproduce and be used for treatment. The preservation of such teeth allows that they be used after some time in regenerative medicine