Surgical recovery of a lost tooth through alloplastic metal implanted as a pin, built over with a crown.

We carry out consultations for implant treatment.

Sometimes the conditions of a jaw are not suitable for implants and that necessitates additional surgical manipulations to ensure the necessary conditions. Such are transplanting additional bone, raising the bottom wall of the sinuses.

There are cases in which implants cannot be used:

- with child patients
- adults suffering from severe heart conditions, problems with blood coagulation or bone conditions, including osteoporosis
- patients addicted to drugs or alcohol
- patients suffering from hypertension or diabetes whose conditions are not controlled

General counterindications to surgical procedures should also be kept in mind:

- diminished blood coagulation
- dusturbed wound healing
- immunosuppresive treatment such as chemotherapy or X-ray therapy
- infections and inflammations in the mouth
- parafunctional habits which have not been treated such as bruxism
- bad occlusion or articulation
- inadequate height or volume of the bone
- not enough coverage by the soft tissues