Restoration of teeth rows through modern esthetic constructions:

  • Crowns: model cast, metal ceramic, pure ceramic emax (more esthetic), zirconium (strong and durable). Crowns are used in cases where a big part of the tooth is missing or there is danger of breaking, most often in cases of dead teeth. The crown recovers the proper shape and surface of the tooth, improves esthetics and chewing functions.

    Metal ceramic crowns are the most popular and with the greatest range of application, since they are esthetic and durable at the same time. The metal part is entirely covered in ceramic and is not visible. For the frontal area the best esthetics is achieved with entirely ceramic crowns (press ceramics, alumina or zirconium based). These are the latest crowns with excellent esthetics.
  • Bridge constructions and arch stabilization – bridges are manufactured in cases of extracted teeth. They fill in the place for one or more missing teeth. Bridges are fixed immobile in the mouth and restore disturbed chewing function, improves speech and esthetics. Bridges can be placed on implants as well. A new contemporary method is using glass ceramic bases ZX-27 as tooth support for immobile constructions. They are manufactured from a special material that attaches itself to the ligament of the jaw and this way replaces natural support teeth. They are successfully used in cases of missing back teeth or instead of implants, without any surgical intervention necessary.
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After filing the teeth the application of low-energy laser therapy with SIX Laser gives a chance to protect the filed teeth alive under the crowns.

  • Veneers – corrections in cases of crooked, dicoloured or worn out teeth. They can be photocomposite, ceramic or press ceramic (emax). This is a way to make your teeth look more natural and beautiful. With this method spaces between the teeth can be closed up, and crooked and twisted teeth can be made to look straight and even.

    Ceramic (porcelain) veneers are more durable and lasting in comparison to photopolymer restorations. Porcelain veneers on your frontal teeth will create a beautiful and sparkling smile.

    The preparation of the teeth for veneers and their application is carried out in at least two visits. At the first visit to the dental office a very thin layer of the tooth enamel is stripped (about 0,5 mm). An impression is taken down and sent to the dental technician laboratory. There the veneers are manufactured to fit your teeth completely. At the second visit the manufactured veneers are fixed through a special technique.
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  • Prosthetics:
    • Ordinary (plaque) – partial or complete,
    • Model cast prosthetics (metal ones) with mechanical joints and various combined methods of fixing,
    • Biodenta plast (bioprosthetics – contemporary biologically tolerable plastic),
    • Valplanst (temporary prosthetics for up to one year made of soft plastic).
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      Model cast prosthetics (metal ones) Model cast prosthetics (metal ones)
      dscf1342 dscf1222
      Biodenta plast Biodenta plast
  • At BURGASDENT dental clinic we offer braces and trays for specific problems:
    • DSCF1680Bruxism (grinding of teeth) and bruxomania (clenching teeth statically). We take an impression of the teeth rows for preparation of dental tray of hard silicon made in the dental technician laboratory, which is usually worn in the night, or in difficult cases all the time. The mechanism of its activity is based on the change of the muscle tone with slight modification of the occlusion height,
    • Snoring,
    • Home teeth whitening trays.