This is a new method for stimulating the reconstructing processes in the tissues. It is based on a special way of processing the blood and application of the plasma on places which need renewal (rejuvenation) of the cells. This is a highly effective biological stimulation for the regenerative processes and represents platelet mass containing highly concentrated growth factors as well as hormones, proteins and vitamins.
The procedure is as follows: between 5 and 10 ml blood from a vein of the patient is taken and placed in vacuum test tubes. After that it is being centrifuged and the received plasma is placed in the zones with damaged tissues. There the plasma due to its growth factors provokes capillary growth, normalizes the hemodynamic, tissue respiration, metabolism, activates the local imunity, stimulates producing of new collagen, new bone structure, renews the skin, increases skin humidity and leads to its rejuvenation.

The advantage of plasmolifting is its easy performance, safety and lack of allergic reactions, rejection of the agent of infection as it is a product from the patient himself.

History: This method is known since the Middle Ages. The first scientific data of using plasma are dated since 1876 in Germany when a doctor noticed that wounds heal faster when there is more blood in them. In 1905 the German surgeon August Bir found that the patient's blood placed in the hip accelerates the healing of a hip bone fracture with 30%.


Plasmolifting is used in many areas of medicine.
Dental medicine: the method is pointed at reducing the inflammation of the periodontal tissues, stimulating and recovering the structures surrounding the teeth – gums and bone. Indications: gingivitis; localized and generalized periodontitis; alveolitis; periimlantitis; tooth extractions. In surgery after placing an implant the plasma stimulates the integration of the implant and prevents it from rejection.
Cosmetic medicine: Plasmolifting here is the biological alternative of synthetic fillers which regains youth and beauty. Tha plasma smoothens the skin, wrinckles, atrophic edges (scars), improves skin elasticity and stimulates renewing of the tissues which leads to slowng down the processes of aging; it is used in cases of acne and pigmentation, senile spots, local and generalized alopecia (hairfall).
Traumatology: osteoarthritis, periarthritis, damaging of tendons and muscles, fractures, wounds difficult to heal.
Ginecology: leucoplakia, erosions, endocervicitis, ectopia, vaginitis.
Plasmolifting can be combined with all other methods of treatment in that area. Usually the patient needs 2 to 8 procedures at an interval of 7 to 14 days. The procedures include: taking blood from the vein, in a special test tube the blood is centrifuged and the received plasma is injected by the doctoer in the damaged area using an atraumatic needle for the tissue under local anaestesia.

Indications for Plasmolifting:
- Gingivitis
- Localized periodontitis
- Generalized periodontitis (I, II, III stage)
- Alveolitis
- Operations for teeth extraction or implant placing
- Periimplantitis
- Prophylaxis of periodontal tissue diseases

Before and after PlasmoliftingTM:




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