Stem Cells From Milk Teeth – Acquiring And Preserving

Our clinic is a partner of Biohellenica in acquiring and preserving stem cells from milk teeth.

This is a unique technology that gives a second chance to children who have not had stem cells preserved at birth to have a unique gift contained in the milk tooth.

In Eastern Europe, the only tissue bank with know-how for extraction, processing and preservation of stem cells from milk teeth is Biohellenica Greece. This procedure is entirely possible and accessible in Bulgaria because of Biohellenica Bulgaria in accordance with all requirements of the European and Bulgarian laws.

Which part of the milk tooth contains stem cells?

In the pulp of the milk tooth during the accumulation of dentine, a hermetically closed and sterile space is created which contains multiple stem cells. The tooth pulp is formed as early as the embryonic stage of organism development and because of that reason the cells are still young and carry the original DNA. It is proven that the pulp of a single tooth contains from 1,000 to 10,000 stem cells, which can be isolated, proliferate and be implanted in a devastated area of the body, giving rise to new tissue.

What is the procedure?

It is planned, fast and pain-free. It is carried out at the age between 5 and 13 years through extraction of the milk tooth by a trained dentist in sterile conditions. For this procedure the most suitable are frontal teeth with slight degree of shaking and maximum preservation of the root. The extracted tooth is placed in special environment and is transported as fast as possible to the Biohellenica laboratory. The isolated stem cells are preserved for a period of 20 years in liquid nitrogen at -196°С, at which they preserve their vitality.

What is the application?

The stem cells from the milk tooth are mesenchymal, which have the ability to differentiate in tissue-forming cells (heart, kidney, liver, muscle, mucosa, cartilage, even dentine). To this moment treating diseases through regeneration of tissues from mesenchymal stem cells is the newest and fastest developing field in contemporary medicine.